British Singer, Lily Allen Paid For Lesbian Sex While Still Married To Her Husband

Vivacious singer, Lily Allen, has revealed in her memoir, that she had sex with female escorts during a dark time in her life, while still married. She blamed her actions on post-natal depression and being very far away from her husband while she was away on tour to promote her Sheezus album.

"It is not really like a salacious sex story,” the singer said, quoted on Independent

It can be recalled that the story had leaked just as Allen was preparing to release her book, which she called ‘My thoughts exactly’. The British singer, 33, then took to her Instagram pageto respond to the rumors.

She wrote, “Sooo, in my book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ I detail some stuff from my dark days, around the Sheezus era,” “I slept with female escorts when I was on tour, cause I was lost and lonely and looking for something. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed. I don’t do it anymore,” Allen continued: “The Mail are gonna run with the story tomorrow cause someone leaked it, and they're bound to make it sound worse than it was. Just wanted to give you Er, the ‘heads up’!”

She blamed her actions of boredom and loneliness.

“It’s more about a period of time when I was feeling incredibly lonely and sort of at my wits’ end, and I was looking for anything, looking for an outlet, so it is not really like a salacious sex story,” she said in the interview.

She wrote: “It is more about hotel rooms … and being on my own and being very far away from my kids and my husband. It is not like steamy, raunchy — although that is what the tabloids made it out to be like: [a] sort of lesbian prostitute sex romp, which I guess it was, in a way.”

The singer who got divorced from her husband in 2016, and shares custody of their two daughters, says her divorce was her way of providing a safer environment for her kids.

“It was really sad. If I didn’t think I was going to be married forever, I wouldn’t have married,” Allen previously told PEOPLE of her split. “It’s a disappointment, but I think it was the right decision and it was necessary, and ultimately, I just want to make a safe and secure environment for my kids, and that was ironically the best way of doing that.”

Allen, who is no stranger to scandals, admits that shehad also struggled with addiction in the past, “I had a sort of midlife crisis on my last record [Sheezus]. Re-entering the workplace as a mum, I found it really difficult,” she had once said to PEOPLE. “I kind of lost myself.”

Fans, however, do not seem overly surprised by these revelations. The singer, judging from the lyrics of some of her songs, has always been known to overshare.  In the past, old lovers have sold stories of her private moments to the press. According to The Guardian, Allen says she has written the book as a cautionary tale for young women who are thrust into fame too soon.


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