5 Things not to discuss with Donald Trump over dinner

Can you imagine having Donald Trump as a guest to have dinner at your place? I can assume that the images of how you should dress, how you should lay the table and what things you would like to ask him have already popped up in your mind. However, there are five things you can’t underestimate in such conversation: the issues you’d better never discuss with him during those three hours.

Five issues that should never be invited to a dinner with Donald Trump...

# 1 – How much taxes will increase to pay the Mexican Wall

His first promise about making Mexicans pay for the wall he has decided to build in the frontier wasn’t fully fulfilled. The plan is now to obtain the money from the American taxpayers. Many Americans want to know how much will eventually cost them.  I wouldn’t discuss that with him unless I’m planning to make him choke with his food… or maybe with his contradiction. 

# 2 – To be or not to be an immigrant

Immigration policies have been intensified by the bunch of measures he took against people who have chosen to live the American dream. I definitely wouldn’t ask him discuss about the plight of the immigrant nowadays. This would unfairly force the President over dinner to recapitulate about Americans values regarding tolerance, sympathy and understanding towards people trying to create a new life beyond their horizons, and live the American Dream.

# 3 – Is being a judge the profession of the future?

When talking about the professions of the future, everything seems to be connected to computing and to cyber safety. However, no one could ensure you that once you’ve paid thousands of dollars for your degree you’ll get a job forever. That’s why I think that after Trump’s decision of making the position of a judge a job for a lifetime, the job of the future is being a magistrate. What would Donald think about that? I think asking him that with this sarcasm will make him a bit upset.

# 4 – Which is the next country you’re planning to have confrontation with?

First it was Mexico, then no other than Latin America after being described as a continent that represents garbage and now one of the most pacific countries in the world: Canada, is presenting a lawsuit against its neighbour due to the commerce restrictions that threaten to affect their economy for no other reason but whim. The situation seems to claim for the question whose answer has the name of the next country to receive such praises and rewards from the USA’s president, but I wouldn’t make him start talking about that.

# 5 –Do you have something personal against Obama

The destruction of the Obamacare, the abolishment of the regulations approved by Obama about the limitations in the carbon dioxide emitted by factories and the void of the DACA are all measures that may lead to think he has a personal problem with Obama. Anyway, I don’t think it’d be a good idea to invite him to answer that because I wonder if he really has an answer that can prove the contrary.


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