Google: Sidewalk Labs in Toronto Pursues Fascist AI Take-Over In The Name of Environmentalism

I just love how Google is trying to mask its vision of a Brave New World under the watchful "eye" of  Artificial Intelligence under reported regressive alien control, and in the name of "making the world more environmentally sustainable with a better quality-of-life for everyone."

Originally broached as Quayside, a futuristic yet affordable and sustainable city-within-a-city on 12 acres of vacant land at the foot of Parliament St., the project just got exponentially larger — a multi-phase undertaking that over time could encompass an additional 178 acres of Toronto’s eastern waterfront, anchored by the future home of Google Canada headquarters.

The raising of the stakes to something much bigger than previously imagined came in the Manhattan-based company’s master plan, a 1,524-page document titled Toronto Tomorrow: A New Approach for Inclusive Growth.

When Google first started it branded itself as the "democratic" and grassroots alternative to the in-your-face corporate focus of then dominant Yahoo.  However, as Google replaced Yahoo as the dominant search engine, the essential global fascist agenda of Google has become more apparent.  Here is one company which has absolutely no accountability.  Have you ever tried contacting Google and trying to correspond with an actual manager?  Don't even try!

Once Big Brother "bot" makes a decision at Google there is no appeal.  And that's what we as humans can expect of Google's pursuit of its vision on Toronto's shores.

We all know how companies like Walmart have been attacked over the years for being oppressive corporations.  Well, companies like Walmart are democratic utopias compared to the unaccountable AI control regime of Google.  Indeed, at least you can call Walmart up if you have complaints and speak to actual humans who will make an effort at redressing your complaints.

The real objective of Sidewalk Labs in Toronto is not to "make everyone's life better while supporting a more sustainable environment".  It's apparent that's complete propaganda.  The apparent real objective seems to be for Google to expand its data mining collection activities so that Big Brother will able to monitor absolutely everything you do and then to sell that data to the highest bidders for profit while seeking to oppress political dissidents in an Orwellian Police State milieu.

All the "troublemakers" who stand in the way of Google's Orwellian State can expect to be denied economic opportunities at best or subject to other forms of oppression including even imprisonment.

Do you want to live in a society where Google's AI controllers know all your friends, what you talk to them about and even when you go to the toilet?

It is no coincidence that Google picked Toronto. They wanted a city away from current U.S. laws which protect constitutional freedoms that would have citizens they think would be gullible enough to believe its environmentalism PR though young "taking heads" willing to sell their souls for whatever money Google is willing to throw at them in behalf of an AI agenda, so they can live with the other "hipsters" in Liberty Village.


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