Is losing the 2020 elections enough to defeat Trump?

The possibility of President Donald Trump challenging the results of the 2020 U.S. presidential elections is becoming an increasing concern throughout Washington, D.C.

Opinions are diverse, but politicians, law experts, and individuals from all over the United States are commenting on what many fear could become a constitutional crisis. Why? As the next presidential elections get closer, tensions begin to be evident. More and more people are startingto believe that Donald Trump will not accept the results if he loses. In fact, this may be an old-answered matter for most. The current debate has focused on another question:

What will happen if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results?

But how did this far-fetched scenario became such a worry? Here are some facts to understand.

2016 U.S. presidential elections were filled with questionings from Donald Trump.Even after his victory, he commented, without evidence, that “millions” voted illegally in an attempt to defeat him. This started questionings about if he would’ve used this allegation to challenge the results in court if he had lost.

Last year, Mr. Trump manifested his praises for the Communist Party of China after they abolished presidential term limits. A month after, in what seemed like a reference to former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, he publicly speculated about being in office for 16 years.

The fire is now growing exponentially as other political figures express their opinions.

Pennsylvania Rep. Brendan Boyle stated: “It’s been a worry in the back of my mind for the last couple years now”. On his part, Ted Lieu, a California Democrat, claimed to have the same concern but said that he trusts that the enforcement of the law will install the winner.

Nonetheless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has directed her party to be prepared for the possibility of Trump contesting the results of the 2020 elections.

Many disregard this scenario. A former Secret Service official considered this to be a “question for science fiction movies”. Republican Senator Roy Blunt said that this “is the least concern people should have. Of all the silly things that are being said, that may be the silliest”.He strongly concluded: “The one thing we are really good at is the transition of power.”

However, bipartisan concerns continue to grow. On the one hand, Democrats worry particularly about a possible court battle for the election results on the other hand, some Republicans are unambiguously placing their stances against hypothetical attempts by Trump challenge the results.

Steve Chabot, senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, said that,even though he’s not a traditional president, he believes he will understand that “if you lose an election you lose an election and the other person wins“. Chabot concluded that it’s all “just hysteria”, and that there is really zero chance of that possibility coming to reality.

Nevertheless, Chabot remembered answering questions from his constituents about the likelihood of Obama’s third term. He explained his constituents that would never happen.

Republicans have allowed Trump the benefit of the doubt on many controversial actions and statements, but California Democrat Ro Khanna remains confident the GOP stands away from the President in this case. He said that a group of Republican colleagues, some even un-willing to impeach, have told him “they would not stand for a president defying a court-certified election result, nor would they stand for a president running for more than two terms,” he stated.

Jonathan Turley, expert in constitutional law and professor at the George Washington University, made clear comments about the presidential elections. He said that the matter would be irrelevant after the new president is sworn in. The previous and defeated president would then become in nothing more than a guest in the White House.

Nonetheless, Michael Cohen’s comment probably expresses the beliefs of many.

Former lawyer of Donald Trump warned that, if Trump loses in his attempt for reelection, “there will never be a peaceful transition of power”.


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