More Than 26, 000 People Sign Petition to Ban Open Freezers in Retail Outlets

More than twenty-six thousand people have signed a petition to ban the use of doorless freezers in retail, demanding that these freezers without doors waste too much energy and deserve to be outlawed. It is believed that supermarkets in the UK typically do not use doors because they fear people will buy less if they use them.

The petition, which was started in the UK, says: ‘Retailers in the United Kingdom unnecessarily waste huge amounts of energy on open fridges and freezers.

‘Climate change threatens our planet. If all supermarkets had doors on their fridges and freezers it would save energy the equivalent of the entire residential population of Poland.’

According to Metro, Jonathan Golding, 28, who started the petition, said he was in a branch of Itsu in Gatwick Airport when the idea first occurred to him.

‘I was already annoyed because I had been given a plastic knife and fork,’ he said. ‘I looked and saw a fridge in the corner of my eye, which was open.’

In the petition, Golding, who is a doctor from Brighton further says: ‘Time is running out for the planet and changes in our own lives can only take us so far. Big companies need to make an input as well.’

Golding says he does not believe that using freezers with doors would deter people from making purchases.  ‘Having doors on fridges wouldn’t change my buying habits at all. If you need milk, you need milk. You are not going to worry about opening a door.

‘It makes you think that shops don’t really care about the environment; they just care about selling things.’

Jonathan’s sister Gem Golding, 25, is also supporting the petition; she made a Facebook post saying: ‘You wouldn’t leave the fridge open at home, so why are there aboutbillions worth of them surrounding us in the supermarket?’

‘Aside from the cost wasted in energy bills, the emissions this could save us is monumental.

‘Apparently, this could inhibit shoppers though? Dunno about you but think I’d still get my Ben and Jerry’s’.

She spoke to Metro saying: ‘it wasn’t about any particular supermarket; it’s just in general.’

‘We don’t want to be releasing greenhouse gases, and if there’s a way we can prevent it then we should be doing it.’

Metro reports that studies into energy uses have found having doors could reduce energy by 30 to 40%. A spokeswoman for Itsu said: ‘We are very much aware of the challenges and concerns that open fridges pose for all high street retailers and supermarkets.We are working hard to ensure all areas of our business are as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.'

The government has since responded to this petition. Their response reads in part, “Government is taking action to improve product energy efficiency. Our minimum performance standards remove inefficient products from the market… ” Read the response in full here.


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