Ottawa Book Expo 2019: Grow your literary career!

Are you a newly published author seeking a book festival in the Ottawa area that caters to not only well-established and famous writers like Margaret Atwood and Lee Maracle but upcoming authors alike? If so, you're invited to join a grassroots-oriented author, publisher, bookseller and literary services Expo.

The Ottawa Book Expo is bound to be one of the largest gatherings of authors, publishers and other professionals seeking to network with each other and reach out to a larger audiencein Ottawa, Canada and internationally.

The Expo would take place on Sunday, October 20, 2019, in the beautiful Horticulture Building in Lansdowne Park.

While most of the previous book festivals in Ottawa typically promote famous writers, the Ottawa Book Expo is for both new and veteran authors to get the much-needed motivation, inspiration, exposure and guidance to grow their career, network, or book sales.

With the digital revolution now transforming the book publishing industry, efforts that previously contributed to publishing and marketing success may not be as successful in the near future.

Therefore, committed authors who are seeking to continuously improve their craft, understand that in order to keep up with these constant changes in the literary industry, they require adequate educational opportunities and a network of professionals who can help them effectively create, market, and sell their books in this internet era.

Some of the featured books for the event are Finding Fatima by Tony Porfilio and inspirational children’s book Little Cricky by Canadian author Liliana Hoton.Susan A. Jennings, the current president of the Ottawa Independent Writers (OIW), would also be a participant of this event, where she would showcase her works on historical fiction, love story and contemporary romance—equally educating upcoming authors on her journey as a writer.

There would be various galleries of different authors showcasing their artistic book covers and for thoselooking to learn about new opportunities in the digital publishing space, attending this year’s Book Expo should be on your to-do list.

The Ottawa Book Expo is open to all writers and publishers locally and internationally—withlibrarians and bookstore owners on the lookout for new titles at the Expo to display on their shelves. Thus, it is a fantastic way to get much-needed exposure to key players in the book industry and to generate more sales.

The Expo is a bilingual and multicultural event that aims to showcase the literary-cultural vitality of Ottawa, and of Canada. It supports not-for-profit and charitable focus on spreading social awareness about people who may have even gone to high school and not achieved basic literacy.

Also, the Expo supports authors and publishers seeking to promote marginalized voices in our society by expressing themselves through published titles—especially those different cultural backgrounds, gender and LGBTQ communities.

Attending this event is a wonderful opportunity for exhibitors to get to know local Ottawa and Canadian talent while networking and discovering new opportunities to improve your skills as a writer, deepen your knowledge, and tap into a wide variety of book publishing services.It will also be held at the same time as the very popular Ottawa Farmers’ Market—therefore, attendees can be treated to a delicacy of great books and mouth-watering food.

However, for those who would love to participate in the Expo but live outside of Ottawa, you can apply to become a ‘Featured Virtual Exhibitor’ and eliminate the need to travel—as it gives you the same visibility and benefits as regular attendees.

The Ottawa Book Expo team seeks to utilize their broad experience in the Canadian book publishing industry to boost the commercial success of all exhibitors, and to promote a professional networking environment among all participants to further boost commercial success.

Find people who are likely to be interested in your books and professionals who would make the best partners, such as book bloggers, to promote your work. You would be missing out on a valuable opportunity if you don’t attend this year’s Book Expo to connect with industry leaders and your target audience.

Visit and apply now to become an exhibitor to build inspirational and authentic relationships that will grow your book sales.


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