Justin Trudeau Faces Calls to Resign

Recently, photos and, a video, of three separate occasions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing brownface and blackface as a younger man have come to light, with the Prime Minister saying he cannot remember exactly how many times he might have worn Blackface in the past.

When Trudeau was elected nearly four years ago, he had promised to bring about a type of progressive change that seemed unattainable under his Conservative predecessor, Stephen Harper. Trudeau had not gone back on his promises. Shortly after assuming office, he had introduced Canada's first gender-balanced Cabinet.

Everything had been going well for the Prime Minister, until his re-election campaign when Trudeau's actions from the past that have come back to haunt him, threatening to undo his odds of having another four years in power.

Brownface and blackface have always been condemned as a racist caricature, though certain people didn't care. The practice involves white people painting their faces darker for supposed entertainment.  Some of the recently leaked photos had revealed Trudeau wearing dark makeup on his face neck and hands at a 2001 "Arabian Nights" themed party at the West Point Grey Academy, a private school he taught at.

It is also difficult to forget the explosive SNC-Lavalin controversy which has troubled the Canadian Prime Minister in the past. Trudeau has faced calls to resign, however Newsweek reports that  it seems unlikely that the Prime Minister will heed these calls, as he had once said that "if everyone who is running for office needs to demonstrate that they've been perfect every step of their lives...there's going to be a shortage of people running for office."

However, despite the Prime Minister’s decision to remain in power against all odds, Canadians might decide to vote him out of office after embracing a new favourite candidate. Newsweek suggests that the next likely candidate to replace the Prime Minister would be Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer who will replace him. Scheer has been very vocal in condemning Trudeau over the growing brownface/blackface scandal, with the prime minister's chief opponent asserting that he is "not fit to govern."

Scheer who is now 40-years-old is currently making history as the youngest candidate to run for Conservative leader at the age of 38.

An average of polling data recently published by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and last updated on September 30th, 2019 shows the Conservatives moving narrowly ahead of the Liberals at 33.9 percent, compared to Trudeau's party's 33.5 percent. Meanwhile, the NDP has dipped to 13.8 percent.

CBC poll analyst Éric Grenier says “The Conservatives hold a narrow lead over the Liberals, but the Liberals are better positioned to win more seats. A minority government headed up by one party or the other is somewhat more likely than a majority government at this stage. Neither the New Democrats nor the Greens have been able to build any significant momentum so far during this campaign.”


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