Andrew Scheer Absent as Canadians, Leaders, takes to streets calling for action on climate change

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheerwas conspicuously absent in the recent climate-change marches held in Montreal. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau however, was present; to listen to the crowd led by teenaged climate-change activist Greta Thunberg.

According to a report on the Globe and Mail, Montreal’s Indigenous teenagers led byglobal climate change fighter Greta Thunberghad marched along planned routes, taking over much of the city’s downtown. The crowd formed a 4.4-kilometre continuous stream of humanity estimated by the city’s emergency services to be about 315,000 people.

“You should be proud of yourselves, we have done this together,” Ms. Thunberg told the crowd. “Millions of people are marching around the world. It’s incredible to be united in such a way.”

Thunberg advised leaders to act quickly before global heating can no longer be restrained. “You are not in school today. You are not at work today because this is an emergency,” she shouted to the crowd. “We will not be bystanders.”

Major-party leaders rallied behind Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swede who has spurred the world's young people. The teen who has continuously demonstrated confidence in speaking the truthabout climate issuesdeclared that fighting climate change is beyond party politics.

Thunberg had started out the day by meeting with Trudeau in a Montreal hotel, she did not seem to think he had done enough for climate change in his capacity as Prime Minister and she gave him the same message which she gave other politicians.

“He's, of course, obviously not doing enough,” Thunberg said. “This is such a huge problem; this is a system that is wrong. So my message to all the politicians is the same: to just listen to the science and act on the science.”

Earlier this year, in June, after Trudeau approved the $4.5-billion Trans Mountain oil pipeline project, Thunberg said on Twitter: “This is shameful. But of course this is not only in Canada, we can unfortunately see the same pattern everywhere.”

Trudeau seemed to accept Thunberg’s point of view wholeheartedly and told reporters that he agreed with her assessment, and commended her for motivating young people.

“I agree with her entirely. We need to do more,” said Trudeau.

“And that's why the ambitious plans we've laid out all week that have been criticized by some as too ambitious, are not too ambitious - are necessary.”

Trudeau also seized the moment, to point out the glaring fact, that his political opponent, Andrew Scheer, was nowhere to be seen, during the march.According to CP24, Trudeau had made a series of announcements this week aimed at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, protecting oceans and habitat and encouraging conservation while simultaneously branding Scheer as a climate-change laggard.

“Andrew Scheer is choosing to hide today instead of participating in climate marches,” Trudeau said Friday.

Scheer, who had spent the day campaigning, said other Conservative candidates were participating in the march.

“I believe it's very important not to leave children an economic deficit, a fiscal deficit nor an environmental deficit,” he said.


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