Singh promises affordable housing plan for Canadians in Vancouver

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh who recently took hiselection campaign to Vancouver, British Columbia, has vowedto build new reasonably priced homes, fight money laundering, and unfold a plan to checkclimate change.The plan, the NDP says, will begin with $5 billion in additional federal funding in the first 18 months. The party says that this effort will help create thousands of jobs across the country.

Speaking during his federal election campaign stop in Vancouver, Singh pledged that his party will work on building affordable housing and also combat money laundering by enlisting more staff for the RCMP dedicated unitto tackle money laundering issues which will cost about $20 million every year, with B.C in focus.

He also promised that if elected, the NDP would reduce the cost of cell phone bills, universal prescription drug coverage, and universal dental care.

He criticized the Liberals and Conservatives for not dealing with the most important issues that concernBritish Colombians.

"When B.C. families asked for help with the out-of-control housing market, Justin Trudeau spent $4.5 billion of their money on a pipeline instead,"

"Liberals and Conservatives have failed people here for too long. British Columbians deserve a real partner in Ottawa: a New Democrat government that has the courage to do what's right to make sure that everyone has an affordable place to call home," he said

"New Democrats understand the priorities of British Columbians, and we will fight for them," said Singh. "Working families have paid the price long enough for the pretty words and empty promises. We'll take real action to make housing more affordable because we're in it for you."

Singh says that the NDP would introduce a national beneficial ownership registry which will aid officials to easily identify individuals that are behind corporations and trusts that engage in buying and selling of properties.

He reiterated that a New Democrat government if elected, would build half-a-million new affordable houses across Canada over the ten years. He said that the NDP would subsidize rent for nearly 500,000 families targeted at peoplewho may need help right away.

“This will make the difference for families that are unable to pay their bills, for families that are making a tough choice between do they pay for their groceries or do they pay rent,” Singh told reporters at a construction site in Campbell River, quoted on Global News.

If elected, he pledged to offer annual subsidies of up to $5,000 as a way to deliver immediate help for families who struggle to pay the rent.

“These are difficult choices that families are making — far too difficult for far too many families — and we’ll put an end to that.”

Later on, at a round table in Courtenay, Singh was asked what his message is to island voters when it comes to why they should choose the NDP over the Greens.

“I say that it’s us, the New Democrats, who have the most-coherent and most-complete plan.”


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