Scheer Makes Mistakes in the Federal Election Campaign

The Conservative party was supposed to dislodge a vulnerable Liberal government, already falling in popularity in the months before the October 21 election, says an article on Rabble.  However, in the recently concluded elections, the Conservative Party failed to meet partisan expectations.

Duncan Cameron writing for rabble claims that following the party’s loss at the elections, a "blame the leader for the defeat" movement has emerged in the CPC, despite the factthat the party had won 23 more seats with Andrew Scheer in 2019 than behind Stephen Harper in 2015.

Scheer’s preferred campaign strategy in the 2019 elections was toget core CPC voters out to vote by demonizing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It is believed, that this time could have been better spent wooing first-time voters who want to know about the party’s position on important issues such asclimate change. However, the CPC anti-carbon tax stance drove them to vote for other parties. The CPC campaign team made little attempts to increase voter numbers; rather they lost out on potential voters by not reaching out to prospective support.

It can be recalled that several times during the election campaigns, Scheer was accused of suffering from some sort of mid-campaign identity crisis, having several times failed to take a clear standpoint on important social issues, from citizenship to same-sex marriage to abortion; Scheer was often seen in the media, struggling to define his own image.

According to CBC, once during a TVA televised leaders debate, Trudeau went directly after Scheer, calling on the Conservative leader to account for his personal beliefs on abortion. Scheer has in the past described himself as "pro-life" but at that moment, in front of the cameras, he was unwilling to explain himself.

It is widely believed that if the Conservative leader had taken advantage of such important opportunities as the televised debate to explain his personal convictions on abortion, and how he intends to govern the country while having such beliefs, he may have stood a better chance of becoming the Prime Minister.

The Conservative leader was alsoblamed for failing to explain how his personal views against abortion and same-sex marriage promoted CPC aspirations to govern Canada. He is also said to have made the fatal error of promising to abolish CBC News and the French equivalent Radio-Canada Information.

This action raised important questions, such as whya Conservative party leader, would want to abolish the CBC, a project established by a Conservative. The CBC was established by former Conservative Prime Minister R.B. Bennett, who also brought the Bank of Canada and CN Rail into existence

Cameron claims that the only reason Scheer would seek to abolish the CBC is that the Conservative leader is not really a Canadian Conservative. He writes,“Indeed, Scheer and the CPC have little in common with the former Progressive Conservative (PC) party, familiarly known as the Tories after their British counterparts, and incarnated by leaders such as R.B. Bennett, John Diefenbaker, Robert Stanfield and Joe Clark.”


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