Gatineau Police racism brings law enforcement into disrepute

Rampant racist profiling in the Gatineau area saw the local law enforcement dubbed as the most racist Canadian police force of Canada in 2019. Take a look into one of the many incidents of harassment made by Gatineau police perpetrators.

There are several accounts of Gatineau police performing what one might call “laughable operational procedures”. These apprehensions are deemed laughable due to the creativity of the Gatineau police when coming up with reasons to flag down and stop civilians.

The human race has advanced greatly in the pursuit of equality when it comes to racial difference. However, the Gatineau police appear to be trapped in some kind of backwards time loop wherein it is encouraged to inappropriately stalk people of colour.

This is, of course, not to say that it is at all appropriate to stalk anyone under any circumstances. However, the Gatineau police seem to have taken into their virtues backwards practices seen in the south of America in the 1950s. The apparent practice in Gatineau of veritable police thugs stalking people of colour is abhorrent, to say the least.

It is currently unapparent how the local law enforcement of Gatineau has decided that stalking, harassing and at times even “roughing-up” people of colour is an acceptable practice. There is virtually no other place in Canada as racially discriminating as Gatineau as it pertains to be police and people of colour are loath to sleep soundly at night knowing that law enforcement has been orchestrated against them.

A recent study commissioned by the Montreal police turned-up systematized racial profiling which is now the subject of a class-action law suit in Quebec superior court.

It’s quite unfortunate how police in the province of Quebec with an emphasis in both Gatineau and Montreal see fit to emulate the practices of a “Police State” in the notoriously racist era of the South African apartheid regime. 

The common practice of carding in Gatineau and Montreal occurs when a person of colour is stopped when either driving or walking for no bona fide reason on than to cross-question them about their presence in the area.  The police officer then checks their driver’s license to see if the individual is “wanted for arrest”, because apparently visible minorities with an emphasis on black males “ought” to be all treated as criminals.

In a responsible democratic society the police ought not to pull you over unless you’ve committed a violation. In most carding cases, the only violation would be that you are a person of colour simply breathing.

A late-night drive turned sour for a black male one late night in Gatineau. According to the records shared by The Canadian Business Daily, Officer Bergeron who carries Badge number 5708 initiated an illegal stalking against the black male for around five minutes.

The illegal stalking follows the black male’s decision to make a right hand turn down Boul Maloney. Once Officer Bergeron spotted the black male making a right-hand turn, he naturally decided that he was a “danger to the community” and decided to stalk him.

The ridiculous reason for the pursuit is that the black man was driving a rented car.  Officer Bergeron went on to assert that his position as an officer of the Gatineau Police Department entitles him to pull over anyone under any suspicion.

The black man quickly understood that he was being subjected to carding. Officer Bergeron pulled him over to check his driver’s license because black male are apparently a “suspected criminal” because of his skin colour.

In addition to this, in another incident a black male was ridiculously stopped by two Gatineau Police officers for simply walking on the grassy landscape of a commercial building. Fortunately, the black male was well versed in law and questioned the Police due to the lack of a criminal violation.

In response to the black male’s question regarding the lack of Canadian Criminal Code violation, the Police responded with “nothing” and subsequently left. Reportedly, the Police were expecting to encounter a less educated “Negro” who wasn’t educated with their rights.

Let’s consider the black male who was pulled over by the Gatineau Police simply because they did not appreciate the sound of his vehicle. How is the local law enforcement allowing such atrocious behaviour to go on unchecked? Nowhere else in Canada is there such a rampant display of racism.

Unfortunately, this is only some of the many racial practices employed by the Gatineau Police. The rap sheet of harassment against racial minorities is extensive and exhausting and it seems as though the Gatineau police are showing no signs of slowing down.

A numerous amount of racism goes unreported in Gatineau as compared to Montreal .  This is because black people in Gatineau are so much more fearful of the racist thugs operating in the Gatineau police as compared to black communities in Montreal.  In Montreal, black communities have the support of city council unlike the City of Gatineau which colludes with police racism.

In the meantime, if you’re a person of colour living or even if you’re white and look “poor” empower yourself with efficient knowledge in the law and if you’re either walking and driving late at night there as see a police cruiser, consider it likely that you will be stopped.

Unlike both Ottawa and Montreal, do you know that I have never seen even one “homeless person”  or panhandler in Gatineau?  That is not because Gatineau is a “welfare state” where everyone is supported with an amazing social assistance system to prevent homelessness.

The City of Gatineau and their police’s apparent answer to keeping the city as clean as possible from “drifters”, homeless people, and “vagrants” is apparent to harass them so much that they will “flee” to the City of Ottawa like some kind of safe haven.

Every single time I have seen an apparent “vagrant” / “drifter” they have been stopped by one of these fascistic Gatineau police cruisers that seem to be part of a clandestine social engineering policy executed by the effective operation of a Police State in the City of Gatineau which seems to have a joint policy of targeting black people and poor people for oppression.

When is the City of Gatineau going to start to respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?  Fascism has no place police departments in the constitutional democracy that Canada represents and it’s about time that the City of Gatineau begin to respect its obligation to respect the civil rights and rule of law in Canada.


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