Gatineau wins recognition for Canada's most racist police of 2019

Here at The Canadian Business Daily we like to give credit where it's due.

That's why our "award" for having Canada's most racist police goes to Gatineau.

If you're black or from some other disenfranchised group, and particularly when it's late at night, expect that if you see the Gatineau police while driving or on foot you will be stopped for some as-hole reason.

Just ask Officer Bergeron, badge number 5708.

A black male was driving in Gatineau and making a right-hand turn late at night on Boulevard Maloney when he spotted one of these fine officers turning onto the street.

Naturally, this officer from Canada's most racist police force did what any self-respecting representative of such a racist organization would do.

Seeing the black male, Officer Bergeron made a U-turn to follow this black male for about five minutes.

When the black male asked why he was stopped, Officer Bergeron replied that it was because he saw that he was driving a "rented car."

The black male driver responded that "driving a rented car" in no way constitutes a criminal offence or grounds for a police officer to stop anyone.

Officer Bergeron responded that he, as a representative of the Gatineau Police Department, could basically stop him for any reason he dreamed up, including the fact that the male was driving a rented vehicle.

It became quickly apparent to the black male that he was being subjected to racial profiling and the practice of "carding," in which black males and other disenfranchised populations are stopped simply so that the police can check their driver's license because, of course, black males obviously must be criminals on the loose, out on bail, or wanted by the police.

Unfortunately, the list of racist behaviours by the Gatineau Police, which include illegal detentions and beatings of disenfranchised civilians, are all too commonplace.  The police force has accumulated a long rap sheet of harassment.

This includes the black male that two Gatineau police officers stopped because he was walking across the grass of a commercial establishment.

The black male, versed in law, responded that walking across the grass was not a violation of the Canadian Criminal Code, and asked what the problem was. They said, "Nothing," and left because they were expecting one of the less-educated "local Negroes" not as educated about their rights.

One black male was actually ticketed by two racist Gatineau police officers for "not walking on the sidewalk" of a Gatineau residential neighbourhood.

And what about the black male who was rushing back to the restaurant he came from to use the washroom? This black male was cross-questioned for 15 minutes for "walking funny." Later that same night, two other Gatineau police officers, after 11 p.m. in a very quiet residential area, stopped the same black male because in their view he didn't cross exactly at the intersection.

How about the Gatineau police officers who stopped a black male because they didn't like the sound of his car?

And tell me, in what other part of Canada would you find such as-hole behaviour by the police?  Only in Gatineau, mon ami(e).

Gatineau's police force is not much better than the racists who stalked black people during the 1950s in parts of the American South, which include Georgia or Alabama.


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