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Researcher claims Mandela Effect changed garbage can

Solid evidences of the consequences of the Mandela Effect continue appearing in these last days, even if they sound a little bit surreal.

According to a very curious article posted by a researcher under the pseudonym of Grams Gold on Mandela Effect Bible Changes website, the name of a famous garbage can brand changed without any explanation, which could prove that alternate realities do exist.

“I have been praying that God would send some supernatural changes so obvious that even my husband would recognise them. Then last week, as I’m cleaning up the kitchen, I saw something that instantly blew me away!”, the report states. “When I stepped on the garbage can I noticed the name on the top of the can had changed! It used to say “SimplyHuman” but now it said a lame “SimpleHuman”, it continues.

Grams Gold explains that she knew the name changed because she had to search for special bags for this garbage can. “How do I know this [the change of name]? Because I purchased the can at a thrift store for a much reduced rate than the normal $200 retail price. It has 2 compartments that are slimmer than usual, so I had to research where I could order bags online by searching for the company website and then where to find bags”, she asserted. “And I know the engraved lettering on the top was SimplyHuman, as I remember thinking how that was such a catchy and appropriate name for home products that make your life easier. Now the SimpleHuman just sounds stupid, like a human is ‘simple’”, she added.

“Seeing the name change last week just hit me in the face. It is more shocking when a Mandela Effect is so personal that it’s in your house. Too bad my husband doesn’t do the cleaning, as he might have known, but he doesn’t”, the researcher claimed. “I’ve had this idea that maybe God is making some of these changes, in order to reach all people. Because the changes are so completely across the board, from TV shows to movies to music to iconic art to geography to home products to the Bible”, she commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://mandelabiblechanges.com/index.php/2019/04/09/my-simply-human-garbage-can-changed-due-to-mandela-effect/


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