Ottawa Book Expo 2020 Expects Influx of New Yorkers

The biggest literary festival this 2020 has captured the eyes of bookworms and foodies from across the border. New Yorkers are expected to flock to Canada’s capital to experience the ultimate celebration of diversity, literature, innovation and the culinary arts.

The Ottawa Expo is expecting buses full of New Yorkers to make a pit stop at the Expo over the holidays. The event has caught the eye of attendees across the border thanks to a Meetup group.

The Meetup group has organized several over the weekend trips for interested New Yorkers who have yet to experience Ottawa. It not only gives them an opportunity to explore the city without the exorbitant fees that airlines charge, but it also allows them to experience events and places that they otherwise would not have access to.

Thanks to this, the capital of Canada is now—more than ever, easily accessible to New Yorkers who want a taste of authentic Canadian life. Ottawa is quickly becoming a tourist destination for people from the Big Apple without the need to hop on a plane.

Interested New Yorkers will be able to join convenient, over the weekend tourist bus trips to Ottawa alongside locals who are eager to share the full experience. The bus trips enable participants to enjoy the view while mingling with fellow passengers and enjoying a whole weekend of fun exploration.

Among the New Yorkers expected to attend, the Ottawa Book Expo organizers are also expecting several tourists from different areas in neighbouring countries as well as tourists from across the globe.

The Ottawa Book Expo has quickly become a mixing pot for different cultures. The Expo has also become the perfect platform for advocating diversity and innovation in all forms. Several First Nations authors as well as authors from as far as South Asia are expected to make an appearance and utilize this prime marketing opportunity to reach thousands of willing eyes and ears.

The Ottawa Book Expo is not only expected to break barriers by becoming the biggest literary celebration in Canada, but it is also expected to usher in an era of locally-grown tourism. This type of tourism is perfect because it encourages locals to befriend and share an authentic Ottawa experience with tourists to entice them to stay longer and come back more frequently.

Do not miss this opportunity to participate in one of the biggest and most beneficial events in Canada’s history. Tickets are available for presale at the Ottawa Book Expo website.


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