Caronavirus orchestrated for New World Order says British whistleblower

Is the Caronavirus part of an intentional plot or is it simply an "accident of nature"?

When you see very smart people in charge of our governments acting stupidly, you can see the basis of "intentional" actions.

When the caronavirus was first detected, the logical response would be for the United Nations Security Council to call an emergency meeting and then immediately ban all international travel in and out of China and then to send an emergency response to team to contain the situation with the Chinese government.

But instead of doing that, governments around the world knowingly allowed international travel to continue resulting in a pandemic situation.

As David Icke reveals in the above video, the caronavirus has been allowed to degenerate into a pandemic to create fear and panic for a New World Order agenda by the same clandestine group of rich corporations which funded the rise of Adolf Hilter and Nazi Germany.

These same "crypto-Nazis" were apparently responsible for fake stories associated with Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and event "9/11" itself according to the investigative work of David Icke whose research is also supported by the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Apparently, these elites want to spread fear and panic over COVID-19 so the public so fearful of the virus demands that government create a Chinese government style dictatorship to control everyone under the fiction that the control has been instituted to support the health and safety of everyone when the control is simply part of a plan by corporate elites to replace democracy with a Nazi like police state.

The secondary agenda according to David Icke is to support a mass vaccination programme which will inject people with various toxins and "microchipping" to enable everyone's thoughts to be monitored and controlled by an Artificial Intelligence matrix (i.e. Google and "Alexa") which is ultimately controlled by regressive aliens which David Icke has extensively discussed on YouTube.


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