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Coronavirus linked to a depopulation agenda

Is the recent coronavirus outbreak just another random illness, or is it part of a world conspiracy? According to Sri Lankan journalist Shenali Waduge, this pandemics is, without a doubt, a very dark method created by the global elites to “depopulate the world”.

In a recent article published on Sri Lankan news site Lankanews.com, the journalist gives several clues to understand why CoVid-19 could have actually been planned months ago.

“Ironically, John Hopkins Centre for Health Security hosted an event on 18 October, 2019 – before the coronavirus outbreak and ran a simulation of exactly what is now unfolding in China and across the world before it actually happened. What a coincidence!” she stated. “This event was conducted in partnership with World Economic Forum and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johnson & Johnson was asked about the coronavirus vaccine. […]Bill & Melinda Gates did not only partner the program they are actually funding the group who owns the patent of the virus and is working on a vaccine for it”, she reported.

Money and power are critical elements to understand this situation, since according to Ms Waduge, the top pharmaceutical companies are also among the 500 largest corporations in the world. “The twelve largest drug manufacturers and the eight largest drug delivery companies (or otherwise known as the drug channels companies) that include drug wholesalers, chain pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (so called PBMs) consist in total only 20 of the top 500 global corporations in the world”, she explained.

“Stephen Hawkins said greed and stupidity will end the human race and sadly because of the greed and stupidity of a handful of evil and sadistic people the rest of the world and all humanity will suffer”, the journalist commented. “Everything in its natural format has got contaminated or diluted so that people can make profit in wrongful ways. Right livelihood is never practiced – a shortcut to power, stardom and profit has gotten us to living in a very vulnerable and frightening world”, she reflected.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2020/01/29/china-coronavirus-depopulation-eugenics-where-is-the-world-going/


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