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UK government uses Coronavirus as part of a 'Eugenic Plan' says researcher

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In the last days, many researchers have warned about secret, dark plans to purge humanity by using biological agents like the infamous nCovid-19.

One of these researchers, British journalist Davey Gray, has recently suggested that the British government could be implementing a “eugenic plan” to wipe out a part of the UK population.

In an article published on online newspaper Dorset Eye, Mr Gray affirmed that “one of the key themes that stains the Conservative Party is an ulterior motive for eugenics”.

“When you add piece by piece [UK Prime Minister] Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you are left with only a few options as to why the United Kingdom have opted for a ‘do nothing’ response”, he said. “One of the key themes that stains the Conservative Party is an ulterior motive for eugenics. It’s a reasonable explanation that must be explored to explain the government’s poor response to the country’s outbreak”, he added.

In the opinion of the journalist, Johnson’s strategy has been suspicious, to say the least. While most of the countries are taking severe measure to stop spreading the virus, UK authorities still look quite calm. “Boris’ response does not compare well with other countries. Nearly every single country that is affected by the outbreak have begun banning social activities, attending school or work and banning flights from devastated regions”, he said. “The UK government is yet to enforce any means of significant social distancing, with the exception of self-isolation for seven days, even though the virus is reported to last between 14 and 24 days”, he mentioned.

Then, Mr Gray explains the implication of what some British experts have called “herd immunity”. “Herd immunity allows a large number of the UK population to catch coronavirus by working its way through the community. It is the view of some medical experts that as a nation most of us will develop an immunity to the disease”, he asserted. “I agree on the surface the response may appear to help the vulnerable. However, in order to reach a stage of herd immunity we will be sacrificing the most vulnerable and elderly to reach this point”, he expressed.

“To adopt these policies during a public health crisis is ultimately a trial to put eugenic theories into practice”, the journalist warned. “It is nothing but an attempt to force a virus through the population”, he insisted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://dorseteye.com/a-eugenics-tory-story-boris-coronavirus-experimentation/


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