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Are the coronavirus outbreak and 5G technology linked to New World Order agenda?

Is the brand-new 5G technology linked to the recent coronavirus outbreak? Some researchers suggest that the answer is “yes”.

One of them, Canadian writer Peter Tremblay recently posted here on AgoraCosmopolitan a very interesting article in which he analyses the potential threat for humanity that represents the 5G technology, and why it could be linked to dark powers and even manipulative aliens.

In this article, Mr Tremblay asserts that radiation could be a key element to understand the dangers of 5G technology and its relation with coronavirus. “Think of 5-G technology as exposing you to the radiation equivalent of a small atomic bomb”, he states. “The first symptom of that bomb would be radiation poisoning, which would disrupt your body's energy states and then immune systems leading to cellular mutations which would then result in you catching actual viruses and bacterial infections out there which you would not normally”, he says.

This is the reason why, according to Mr Tremblay, people are more “vulnerable” to coronavirus symptoms. “The mutations observed of the so-called ‘coronavirus’ can be regarded as the kind of respiratory mutations and chronic flu-like symptoms you would experience in a theatre of ‘limited nuclear war’”, he asserts.

Then, the Canadian researcher analyses the claims of renowned Australian researcher Michael Salla, who affirms that places with a high density of 5G devices are now the most devastated by the virus. “These insights have been revealed by Dr Michael Salla in Is Coronavirus a Deep State Bioweapon attack on China planned in 2005? where he reveals that the supposed outbreak of the ‘coronavirus’ in Wuhan is a place which has the highest concentration of 5-G networks on the planet”, he comments. “Local epicentres of the coronavirus in China, Europe and places in the United States like Bergen County, New Jersey, appear to coincide exactly with 5G microwave areas of concentration.  That may also explain why Africa and other areas with substantively less 5G activity also have far few reports about the "coronavirus”, he continues.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/news/editorial/2020/03/21/14194-coronavirus-is-a-mass-deception-of-5-g-radiation-warfare-suggests-scholar-on-aliens.html


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