5G technology triggering coronavirus suggests physician

In the last days, more and more scientists and researchers have raised their voices claiming that coronavirus and the new 5G technology could be related (watch video above).

This time, a renowned American physician, Dr Thomas Cowan, allegedly affirmed that the virus is just “a reaction” of the human organism to the waves generated by 5G devices.

According to a report published on South African news site IOL, Mr Cowan “says every time a fundamentally new electrical technology is introduced, we see a pandemic”.

“A biological shock wave occurs, because our organism does not know what to do with the stressful new situation. Many people die and the rest survive, but with an excited biology," Cowan said, quoted by IOL. “This happened in 1918 with the Spanish flu, which occurred with the worldwide introduction of radio traffic”, he added.

The physician agrees with the late Austrian philosopher and anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, who said in 1918, about the Spanish Flu: “viruses have nothing to do with it. Viruses are reactions of the poisoned cell that, in defence against the poison itself, secretes the viruses to allow the cell to survive. Viruses are therefore waste products of the human cells and therefore do nothing themselves”.

According to IOL, “one version of 5G, called millimetre wave, runs on very high-frequency radio waves”. “That has reignited worries that the 5G radio waves – emanating from land and in space – could produce harmful radiation, causing brain cancer, reduced fertility, headaches and other illnesses”, the article states.

Along these lines, many organisations and activists have also expressed concern about 5G technology. "More than 4 000 people have signed a petition on www.change.org to ‘stop 5G rollout in Cape Town, South Africa, and while we're at it, the world’”, the report mentions. “Hout Bay local Angie Curtis has also organised a Facebook group opposed to 5G technology”, it continues.

Draw your own conclusions…

For more information: https://www.iol.co.za/capetimes/news/watch-debate-raging-on-link-between-5g-technology-coronavirus-pandemic-45124913



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