Coronavirus: Facebook joins YouTube in banning 5G related interview

Many of us assume that we live in a democracy and free speech.

But COVID-19 has become part of an apparent agenda in which elites are seeking to repress critical information.

When I sought to post the above video to Facebook I was blocked by their apparent "New World Order" censor board which is seeking to repress an apparent plot to repress your freedoms under a "pandemic" orchestrated by what David Icke describes as psychopaths.

If you want things to get back to "normal" you may wish to consider watching the above video, because it appears that elites at Facebook and YouTube want to continue to lead us to a fascistic "global society" where our movements will ALWAYS be restricted as a result of a "virus" technologically engineered through 5G.

It appears that the so-called "vandalism" against 5G is also a part of an apparent False Flag plot to then legitimate the oppression of information which exposes 5G.

In the above screenshot you will see evidence of Facebook's apparent complicity in fascism.

David Icke suggests that we're basically in World War III.  But unlike the first two World Wars which was an adversarial battle between nations, in the current World War, technology is being used  by elites against all of humanity itself, and its manifestation is the "coronavirus".

I invite you to read Peter Tremblay's book Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst if you want to explore the world of corruption and manipulative aliens.

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