Coronavirus: 4G/5G RF Radiation Causes Harm to Humans, Animals and Plants scientists say

5G radiation while not being the cause of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19); is still very much dangerous to life on earth.

Studies have demonstrated that 5G is absorbed by the human skin, and is likely to negatively affect the body’s sweat glands and stress levels. More still, the damage from 4G/5G radiation goes well beyond humans and adversely impacts wildlife and laboratory animals, and even trees.

Just a few weeks ago the social media space has dismissed conspiracy theories that suggest that there is a link between 5G radio waves and the novel Coronavirus. For many scientists, the theory is considered an unaccredited claim and mere baseless speculations.

There just isn’t any evidence to support that COVID 19 is linked with 5G radiation. But this does not mean that the technology is still not as dangerous as speculated. Even though the radiation has no relationship with COVID 19, there is the certainty that 5G radiation could still be threatening to life on earth.

There have also been critical questions raised, as to whether the 5G radiation, being so dangerous to human health, can further aggravate the lethality of the Coronavirus.

What then is 5G?

5G stands for fifth-generation; considered as an improvement on today’s 4th generation LTE and high-speed mobile internet. It is aimed at enhancing connection not only between people but also between machines, objects and devices.

Should we worry about this improved form of Technology?

Dr. Martin Pall, a biochemist professor wrote a brilliant article captioned, "role of 5G in the coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan” laying out evidence that there are chances that 5G could weaken the body immune system and exacerbate the COVID 19 hysteria.

“It is my opinion, therefore, that densified 4G/5G RF radiation is greatly stimulating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and also the major cause of death, pneumonia and therefore, an important public health measure would be to shut down the densified 4G/5G antennas”, he says

Dr. Martin's Pall claims did not imply that the coronavirus is caused by a fifth-generation mobile technology, but raises possible concerns that the radiation could further worsen the current situation of things as itposes threat to animals, humans and the environment.

Recent studies highlight the possibility that this flawed technology affects the behaviour of insects. In this case, bees were exposed to pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). It was found that the honey production rate reduced and could be attributed to the higher frequencies of the 5G absorbed by the bees.

According to the report written by environmentalist Dr. Davis Devra and published in the IB times, there is a failure by the mainstream press to keep the public well informed about the dangers

“In 2018, the U.S. gold standard National Toxicology Program (NTP) confirmed ‘clear evidence’ that cellphone radiation caused heart tumours in rats as well as DNA damage. Within days of the report's release, well-placed articles appeared debunking the findings.”

Experts predict thatin creased installation of 4G/5G mobile networking technology will affect not only the skin and eyes, as commonly believed, but will have adverse systemic effects as well.

There is so much restriction to the upsurge of sensitizing the public about the effect of this technology and this is wrong. The assumption that 5G emits safe radiation has been used as a card to keep people unalarmed about the worrying situation. So many questions left unanswered by world powers and technocrats make the adverse effect only a puzzling speculation in the minds of members of the public.


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