Coronavirus: 5G Auto-Immune Disease triggers mass death on Ecuador beach

Residents of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and home of the country’s 5G towers are falling dead on this street as shown on this video on Infowars.

Dead bodies wrapped in plastic, litter the streets, and authorities appear too overwhelmed by the death rates to be able to effectively remove dead bodies on the streets and even from homes.

Sebastian Barahona, the coordinator of the National Federation of Funeral Homes, quoted on Reuters, said Guayaquil was seeing around five times more deaths in March than a normal month.

“The response capacity is not prepared for what this emergency requires,” Barahona said.

Mike Adams, owner of Natural News insists that the recent deaths in Guayaquil are directly connected with the presence of 5G towers in the city. According to Adams speaking in an interview with Alex Jones on Infowars, “Wuhan was the first city to install the 5G technology and look what happened there.”

As soon as Huwei-owned 5G towers were activated in Guayaquil there was instant death in the city including signs of instant death on city’s beaches as if they were struck down by some kind of death ray from the skies.

Adams likens the one-going pandemic to the ancient Roman Empire who accidentally poisoned citizens by having water pipes lined with lead which they thought was safe and embraced as a part of the city’s infrastructure. Now the world has 5G towers that are blasting citizens with electromagnetic pollution. People are told that it’s safe but evidence suggests that it’s not.

This doesn’t mean people can’t get infected with the coronavirus without being exposed to the 5G technology. It just means that it’s more difficult to get infected with the virus without the electroporation effect of 5G in your body.

Adams describes the duo of 5G technologies and the coronavirus as a binary weapon system that combines these two factors making it extra dangerous and extra real. This doesn't mean that the virus isn't real, in itself; however, it is potentiated by this voltage exposure that permeates your skin.

The 5G works by sending a beam to track you, this beam follows you, goes to your phone and penetrates your body. It’s not an Omni signal that’s being dialled everywhere, it goes with you, making you more susceptible to diseases, even viruses like COVID-19 which should be more accurately referred to as '5G autoimmune disease'.

Adams mentions that rather than uninstall 5G towers, the government is focused on carrying out antibody tests on people who have survived the virus, trying to find a vaccine. He describes this as a way for the government to secretly track and steal citizen's DNA without permission. The same goes for the nasal swabs for testing for the coronavirus which is a deep cavity swab that extracts DNA. This is a way for the government to create a DNA database of everybody without their consent.

Adams advocates that rather than position vaccines as the hero, the government should promote the wearing of masks in public places, consumption of zinc, vitamin C and D to reduce infections by 99%.  He describes Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s plan to vaccinate America is a suicide plan stating that malnutrition is what kills people. If citizens kept eating all vital vitamins and minerals, especially zinc, vitamin C & D then there’s a better chance of defeating the virus.


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