Berlin hosted an international conference on religious extremism and human rights

On November 26, 2020, an online conference on religious extremism and human rights was held in Berlin. It was organized by the International Commission on Human Rights (Bundestag, Germany), the Russian Foundation for Civil Society Development "People's Diplomacy," the International Center for the Study of Eurasia (ICSE), and the European Christian Coalition. The conference was attended by about 50 people from seven countries.

Among the speakers was Sergei Gavrilov, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Issues of Public Associations and Religious Organizations. In his report, he explained the danger of religious extremism by asserting that such extremism "brings the sectarian subculture to the absolute" and leads to "disregard for national norms" in society. For this reason, Gavrilov believes that ISIS, other Islamic terrorists, Falun Gong adherents, and Jehovah's Witnesses are equally dangerous.

The State Duma deputy called on the European countries "to find answers to the blows against our traditional values, family, Christian norms." Among the measures to protect these values, which have already been adopted in Russia, he named the punishment "for blasphemy and aggressive missionary work." He also mentioned a draft law, currently under preparation, that would instruct clergy who received religious education abroad to undergo accreditation in Russia.


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