Vaccines won't work: American virologist breaks down COVID-19

In the above video, the Korea Times reports on lessons learned from Dr. Djaballah about the COVID-19, caused by the SAR-CoV2 virus, can be summed up in several notes.

This interview explores the following:

- How much do we know about this virus?
- Where far are we from developing a vaccine?
- Who holds the key to understanding the nature of COVID-19?
- The debate: Mask or no mask?
- Why don't we have a vaccine for SARS-CoV1 yet?
- Can we stop the spread? How?
- Lessons to learn from the COVID-19 outbreak.

How safe is the COVID-19 vaccine?

Find out what they are putting in your vaccine in Peter Tremblay's COVID-19: The Biometric Vaccine Brave New World Totalitarian Agenda.


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