COVID-19 Vaccine Thought Police censors Canadian doctors

(TOBJ Wire) - In the above Toronto Business Journal interview facilitated by Sam Dubé, M.D., Ph.D., four physicians from across Canada - emergency physician Dr. Chris Milburn, rural family physician Dr. Charles Hoffe, general surgeon Dr. Francis Christian, and pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson - tell their stories of persecution at the hands of their governing bodies. Their only crime: practicing evidence-based medicine by questioning the safety of their patients and the public during the pandemic.

A legal representative for their cases, John Carpay, Esq., provides insights and legal commentary, invoking the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. These physicians, and others like them, are the living embodiment of the medical mantras of "do no harm" and "informed consent".

[NOTE: The last twelve minutes of this video consist of the audio recording of Dr. Christian's "tribunal" where he was fired, and has no video component.]


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