Justin Trudeau could resign within four weeks

It's apparent that the zealous Justin Trudeau regime has overplayed their hand.

The 'National Socialist' aka Nazi playbook that Justin Trudeau has used to invoke the federal 'Emergency Act' has provided a further lightened rod to the Truckers' Freedom Convoy.

Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces including those who fought against Adolf Hitler have stood in solidarity with peaceful protesters in Ottawa.

Even Americans typically not interested in Canadian politics organized a protest in New York City in front of the Canadian Consulate.

With scenes like the above where Her Majesty's RCMP and protesters shaking hands and hugging each other, I forecast that Justin Trudeau could resign within four weeks.

Trudeau's "plandemic" scam propped-up by his "globalist" friends who control the so-called "mainstream" media is becoming more apparent to anyone who is willing to read critical information outside of the apparent alien-political-media industrial complex which wants everyone jabbed and controlled by an Artificial Intelligence "Skynet".

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