UFO disguised as aeroplane over Ottawa delivers Chemtrail Global Warming

Earlier this week, some kind of UFO disguised to resemble an aeroplane was seen over our nation's capital spraying what Elana Freeland documents in the above interview as chemtrails which apparently is the real cause of Global Warming and ensuing climate change.

In the attached photos, we can see some kind of holographic appearing outline of an "aeroplane".   This strange flying object had the outline of an "aeroplane" but otherwise appears to be transparent.  Similar activity has been seen over other parts of Ottawa and in Toronto.

A chemtrail must not be confused with a harmless contrail from a normal aeroplane.  Such contrails most definitely don't hang in the air like the chemtrails which have been linked to a New World Order agenda through "geo-engineering" activities.

The same nefarious group of psychopaths and liars who tell you that the COVID-19 jab is a "vaccine" that's "good for you" appear to be the same group of liars who have had all all believe that CO2 from fossil fuels in the main culprit in climate change while they're intentionally orchestrating the destruction of ecosystem and climate patterns.

Elena Freeland, and in the video below, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon describe that such "chemical trails" are being used to destablize weather and that includes the systematic melting of glacial ice designed to promote Global Warming, litter the planetary surface with nanoparticles which operate to undermine agricultural systems.  CO2 is apparently being used as a cover story for climate change to conceal the activities of an alleged satanic cult which views Nature to be its enemy in an effort to enslave humanity.


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