Artificial Intelligence invents 40,000 chemical weapons in six hours

Artificial intelligence developing drugs only requires six hours to produce 40,000 potentially deadly chemical weapons, a new study has revealed.

The authors of this paper, published in natural machine intelligence earlier this month, said they had done a 'thought experiment' to find out whether artificial intelligence (AI) can be misused by evil actors. And the results of their work produced have proven that the danger is real.

As part of the study, the usual data is given to AI, but it is programmed to process it in a different way, looking for a toxic combination.

"In less than six hours after starting on our in-house server, our model produces 40,000 molecules that print in the threshold we want," said the paper.

It came up not just with the VX compound, which is one of the most dangerous nerve agents ever created, but also with some unknown molecules, “predicted to be more toxic.”

"This is unexpected because the dataset we use to train AI does not include this nerve agent," the researchers said.

The findings were so worrisome that the team had concerns to ever made them public, Fabio Urbina, the main writer of this study, told the threshold.

"The dataset they use on AI can be downloaded for free and they are worried that what is needed is only the knowledge of coding to change the good AI into a chemical weapons making machine," Show Urbina.


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