New Pantene Shampoo now contains cancer causing ingredient

It has been by observation in the last decade that every time a manufacturer makes an their containers look "prettier" it's because they are seeking to conceal harmful ingredients.  So, I naturally became alarmed when Pantene which has been my favourite shampoo for many years most recently began to adorn their containers with a prettier label.

Today, I discovered the new ingredient they attempted to sneak in their bottles.  To my great dismay I found "Cocomide MEA". The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) listed Cocomide MEA as known to cause cancer. The IARC's evaluation influenced California to ban the substance from use in shampoos and other personal hygiene and beauty products. documents: "The cosmetic industry uses thousands of synthetic chemicals in its products; in everything from lipsticks, nail polish, lotions, hair spray, shampoos, toothpaste and shaving creams.  The danger for us, is that our skin, and eyes, are highly absorbent, which means dangerous chemicals are easily absorbed and can be stored in our body for decades."

The lack of government standards for cosmetics and corresponding regulatory guidance has meant that many dangerous products are flooding the market.


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