Sudden Adult Death Syndrome linked to COVID-19 vaccine deception

Sudden vaccine deaths are now so common from the COVID-19 so-called "vaccine" that they have their own SYNDROME: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

Knowing that COVID-19 so-called "vaccines" are killing healthy young people at an alarming rate, the murderous medical regime has suddenly assigned a medical label to the phenomenon in order to distract people from the truth.  Healthy young people who die suddenly and without medical explanation are now said to have died from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) rather than the jab.

While SADS has been used in medical terminology since long before COVID, doctors and the media are now using it in a new context: to try to explain away vaccine deaths.  So far, there have been no reports of "sudden deaths" among unvaccinated young adults.  So far, this appears to be limited to those who have been jabbed by Big Pharma's demonic eugenics project.

The UK Daily Mail has published an article describing this new "syndrome," which is, of course, just a convenient label to conceal the true underlying cause of these sudden deaths.  The article's title is "Healthy young people dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a "mysterious syndrome" – as doctors seek answers through a new national register," and it states that anyone under the age of 40 "...may potentially be at risk of having Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)."

Everyone under the age of 40 is now expected to "get their hearts checked," while doctors who are in on the charade claim to be looking for the "genetic cause" of SADS.

What a complete farce.

Never before in medical history have doctors and the media advised young people to "get their hearts checked."

This has now only occurred as a result of the global push for COVID so-called "vaccines", which hijack the body's cells and force them to produce spike protein particles that cause blood clots.

Murderous doctors who have sold their soul to satanists who worship lower dimensional demons are mass-killing teenagers with "clot shots."

You can't make this stuff up, folks.  Demons have seized control of our world and are working through our so-called "leaders" on a plan to enslave humans who have not been "exterminated" by their proxy war against humanity.  The medical negligence, incompetence, and even malice at work in the name of "protecting public health" is mind-boggling. "They" have no interest in "public health".

Big Pharma shills inject young people with gene therapy cocktails containing experimental mRNA sequences that produce spike proteins in the blood, contributing to artificial clotting.  Clots can form slowly in some people, which means that many people are walking around with partially formed blood clots in their circulatory system.

Because mRNA injections alter DNA and are incorporated into the genetic code — according to Harvard University and MIT researchers — some of the body's cells continue to produce these pro-clotting spike proteins indefinitely.

These clotting factors contribute to the formation of additional clots in the body, resulting in decreased cardiovascular function and, more importantly, decreased blood flow to the brain, which results in a loss of higher cognitive abilities.

One or more of the clots in the body eventually completely shuts down the blood circulation required to maintain consciousness.

The person loses consciousness and dies at this point.

This frequently occurs while they are driving, flying an aeroplane, or even sleeping.

This is why, for example, so many pilots die on the flight deck, which is a major contributor to the current nationwide shortage of commercial airline pilots.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Paratz, who claims to be interested in "what genes cause this" syndrome, 90 percent of these spontaneous deaths occur outside of the hospital.

Australia is now launching a "SADS registry" in a disingenuous attempt to "solve the mystery" of why seemingly healthy adults are dying suddenly.  They are doing this while increasing the number of mRNA injections given to those people, oblivious to the fact that mRNA injections are "clot shots."

The biosciences are well aware that viral genetic code is easily and automatically incorporated into human DNA.

mRNA injections are not even considered vaccines.

They are experimental medicines known as "gene therapy," which alter not only cellular protein synthesis but are also incorporated into human DNA via reverse transcription.
It turns out that a significant portion of human DNA was acquired through this process, which involves the incorporation of genetic material circulating in the environment into human chromosomes over many thousands of generations.

Even the conventional scientific community is aware of this phenomenon.

"Non-retroviral RNA virus sequences have been detected in the genomes of many vertebrate species, including humans," said MIT Whitehead Institute biomedical researcher Liguo Zhang.  (From

Zhang even conducted an experiment to see if SATS-CoV-2 viral fragments could integrate into human DNA:

With this in mind, Zhang and Jaenisch set about designing experiments to see if viral integration could occur with the novel coronavirus.  The researchers infected human cells with coronavirus in the lab with the help of Jaenisch lab postdoc Alexsia Richards, then sequenced the DNA from infected cells two days later to see if it contained traces of the virus's genetic material.

They discovered viral genetic material fragments in all of the samples...

In other words, parts of the SARS-CoV-2 virus were incorporated into human cell DNA.

Anyone who claims spike protein genetic code cannot be incorporated into DNA is completely ignorant of the current state of genetic science.

Spike protein mRNA converts to human DNA, transforming the body into a clotting factory.

As demonstrated in the preceding experiment, when genetic material is injected into the body, some of it can be incorporated into the chromosomes of living cells.  Although this is an oversimplification of the mechanisms at work, the end result is the same: the body becomes a factory for spike proteins, producing them far beyond the time window during which an mRNA vaccine should function.

In other words, the vaccinated individual becomes a walking spike protein factory that never shuts down. They then transform into a spike protein shedding machine, dumping self-synthesized spike proteins into their own circulating blood.  This causes blood clots to form over time.

When those clots completely block the small or large arteries, blood cannot reach the brain.

When the brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients, it dies, and the body soon follows.

Even though it is clearly caused by vaccine-induced blood clots, this is now being referred to as "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome."

A blood clot was photographed from a COVID patient.  It demonstrates the clotting ability of the spike protein, which is also found in COVID so-called vaccines:

Billions of people on our planet are now at risk of sudden death due to blood clots, all by design:

Vaccine Depopulation Disorder

In summary, the murderous medical regime first injects billions of people with a biological weapon that may kill them, then pretends to be shocked and surprised when a large number of healthy young adults begin to die for no apparent medical reason.

Is there any humanity (or scientific credibility) left in these medical monsters?

Although this syndrome is known as SADS, what is truly tragic is that it was all planned in order to achieve global depopulation.

These deaths should be labelled as "Vaccine Depopulation Syndrome" deaths.  But, of course, the media and media tyrants are working overtime to cover up all of this, and they know that dead vaccine victims don't talk, so they can't tell living humans to save themselves by avoiding these lethal jabs.

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