SADS is the new cover story for what in reality are COVID-19 vaccine deaths

In an attempt to explain away a rash of deaths in otherwise healthy-looking adults who were "vaccinated" against COVID-19, the medical establishment has concocted a term called "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome," or SADS, which it claims appeared out of nowhere with "no explanation".

Similar to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), which was invented to explain away infant deaths caused by vaccines, SADS is being referred to as a "mystery" condition that can strike anyone at any time for no apparent reason.

People under the age of 40 are now being advised to see their doctors right away to have their hearts checked in case they have a hidden case of SADS.  According to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the condition could be fatal and is a "umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people."

We're told that anyone of any age, even if they appear healthy, could be at risk.  However, no distinction is made between those who received the vaccinations and those who did not, which is the real kicker in all of this.  Australia establishes the country's first SADS registry to track a wave of cases.

They'll never admit it, but the sudden increase in SADS coincides with the launch of Operation Warp Speed, which has turned hundreds of millions of Americans into lethal spike protein factories.  These spike proteins are tearing apart their cardiovascular systems, making them vulnerable to death.

According to Australian media outlets, if a person knows others in his own family who have died unexpectedly, or if he himself experiences fainting or seizures while exercising, this could be a sign of SADS.

One person, Catherine Keane, 31, of Dublin, died in her sleep recently while living with two friends.  Catherine's mother, Margherita, told the Irish Mirror that she never showed up for a meal one day before being discovered dead in her bed.

"They were all working from home, so no one noticed when Catherine didn't come down for breakfast," Margherita explains.  "They texted her at 11:20 a.m., and when she didn't respond, they checked her room and discovered she had died."

Catherine allegedly went to the gym on a regular basis and "walked 10,000 steps every day" before her untimely death, according to her mother.

"I take some solace in the fact that she died peacefully and without pain, and I'm grateful for that."  I was always concerned about the kids driving in the car, but I never expected this.  "I never imagined I'd lose a child in my life," Margherita added.

There are now so many SAD cases that Melbourne's Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is reportedly launching Australia's first SADS registry to keep track of them all.

"There are approximately 750 cases per year in Victoria of people under the age of 50 having their heart stop (cardiac arrest)," a spokesperson for the group is quoted as saying.

"Of these, approximately 100 young people per year will die with no cause found, despite extensive investigations such as a full autopsy (SADS phenomenon)."

Dr. Elizabeth Paratz, a cardiologist and researcher, added that the new SADS registry at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is not only the first in Australia, but also one of only a few in the world that has combined ambulance, hospital, and forensics information all in one place.



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