CDC Data Show Nearly 30,000 Deaths Following COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing that between December 14, 2020, and May 6, 2022, a total of 1,261,149 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

VAERS is the primary government-funded system in the United States for reporting adverse vaccine reactions.

The data included 27,968 reports of deaths, up 210 from the previous week, and 228,477 serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period, up 1,774 from the previous week.  Recently, there were 5,794 additional total adverse events reported to VAERS.

Excluding "foreign reports" to VAERS, 815,384 adverse events were reported in the United States between December 14, 2020, and May 6, 2022, including 12,899 deaths and 81,830 serious injuries.

Foreign reports are reports that foreign subsidiaries send to vaccine manufacturers in the United States.  According to FDA regulations, if a manufacturer is notified of a foreign case report that describes a serious event that does not appear on the product's labelling, the manufacturer is required to submit the report to VAERS.


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