COVID-19 vaccines for babies and kids manifest a satanic agenda

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky  is now pushing for children to obtain the COVID-19 jab which Dr. Sucarit Bhakdi has revealed is a bioweapon that's being disguised as a "vaccine".  This bioweapon is part of an apparent satanic agenda which includes sterilizing babies and adults to support a depopulation agenda.

Walensky falsely claimed that COVID-19 was one of the top five causes of death for children since 2020.

The CDC Director distorts data in order to force failed vaccines on children.

Walensky held a press conference for the Biden administration on June 23, 2022, promoting covid-19 vaccines for babies.  The Pfizer trial found that vaccinated children had more severe illness than unvaccinated children.

The entire CDC vaccine argument is based on deception and fraud.

Speaking of which, natural immunity is critical to improving public health and safety, yet the CDC's diabolical push to destroy children's health with covid-19 vaccines ignores all data on natural immunity.

Instead of providing the truth, the CDC censors all immune-system solutions and suppresses long-established antiviral drug treatments in order to punish people with vaccine mandates that have resulted in historic levels of hospitalisation and death.

They're coming for the kids.


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