Inspect your home for damage

(NC) -- Annual spring cleaning is routine throughout the house – and now with the frequency of weather extremes, we are also advised to inspect for damage.

Weight from heavy snow and ice, for example, can have an effect on the slope of your yard or the effectiveness of your outdoor pipes and drains.

“Many of us are thankful when spring weather finally arrives, but we shouldn't forget that winter wear-and-tear might only become evident once the ice has melted,” says Ryan Michel, spokesperson for Allstate Insurance Company of Canada. “We recommend that homeowners check the outside of their homes in early spring for any issues in the making.”

Michel offers these tips for conducting an outdoor assessment of your home:

• Check your roof, chimney, foundation, skylights and vents for cracks that could cause leaks and other issues.

• Inspect your gutters, which may have cracked in the cold weather or become clogged with debris.

• Make sure your downspouts are directing water away from the foundation of your home.

• Take an inventory of pipes in crawl spaces that could freeze and burst next winter if left without insulation.

“It's important to maintain the condition of your home,” says Michel. “Your annual spring clean is the perfect time to identify and make smaller repairs before any issue becomes a major concern.”

If you find that your home has been damaged, be sure to contact your insurance agent as you begin the process of making repairs. More information can be found at


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