Replace Drafty Windows in One Easy Renovation

It’s fairly easy to make a well-ventilated home feel comfortable in the summer months. You get a fan going, turn on the AC, and make lots of ice water available. It’s the winter months, however, especially in Canada, that make everyone aware of how drafty their windows are getting. The cold air that leaks in through your windows is really hard to get rid of, because it doesn’t have a single source. There’s no Band-Aid or patch solution to this issue! And, in fact, if it seems like it’s only an issue in the winter, in reality, it affects your home’s efficiency all year round. When you research environmentally damaging issues, often the worst ones are those we don’t even notice or aren’t made aware of because they add up over long periods of time, releasing emissions and wasting energy for decades.

If you take a look at a company like Golden Windows in Kitchener, you’ll notice that not only do they service their clients while remaining local and partnering with other Canadian builders and renovators, but they also make it a point to be clear about efficiency standards. Each premium window and door featured comes with detailed information about the hardware, glassware, additional glazes and treatments, and frame proportions, so that renovations can be carried out without any confusion on just how much energy you’ll be saving and why.

Instead of watching your money trickle out of the cracks of your home, you can insulate the place, safeguard your interiors, and live in heightened comfort just by organizing a single installation process. Before investing, however, you’ll need to do a little research to see what designs you’re looking for, down to the shape, style, and colours, who offers the best deal, and more importantly, who offers the kind of quality product that is durable, low-maintenance, user-friendly, and guaranteed to stay easy on the eyes for a long time.

When you choose a company like Golden Windows, where they’re so client-oriented that they offer extra resources and information to the professional building and renovating community, have obtained ISO certification for providing consistently excellent and punctual service, and offer a warranty that coversany post-installation issues, you know you’re choosing quality.

High-quality vinyl and aluminum-clad windows make quick work of efficiency standards. At Golden Windows, they’re even made in a factory that recycles all the leftover wood and makes an effort to function without waste in all other areas. Get locally manufactured premium windows and doors that you can customize at the in-house millto fit your rough openings perfectly, all the while knowing that you’re also supporting a great partnership with Habitat for Humanity!

While home style and design are high on the list of everyone’s priorities, green energy should match it on all luxury lists, because it’s everyone’s responsibility to do their part for the planet. Especially when efficiency come packaged so beautifully, and saves everyone money, there’s no excuse for old and drafty windows!


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