Fukushima: 135,000 people evacuate

So far, over 135,000 Japanese people have been forced to evacuate according to Hayes.
Riding toward Fukushima, through piles of rubble for stretches where homes once stood, documented in CBS Australia's program, Liz Hayes said, "Streets and towns and villages are deserted."
"And locals have been told their food and water may be contaminated."
Stopping along the way, the Geiger showed that a head of cabbage registered as much radiation as an X-ray.
"So every time you have a cabbage, you have an X-ray," said Hayes.
Radiation refugees by the thousands, wearing masks, live in cardboard shelters, sleeping on the floors of public buildings, with few possessions and little to no privacy, as Hayes saw first-hand and was documented by CBS.
"People have gone to a lot of trouble to make cardboard box into their home."
Many Japanese people fear their country will never fully recover.

Internet site reference: http://www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/fukushima-now-radiating-everyone-sbs-exposes-unspeakable-reality


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