Iran War: U.S. adopts Blitzkrieg & Lebensraum foreign policy

Just how did the US become a juggernaut of blitzkrieg diplomacy? Just how did we come to the this "Neue Welt Lebensraum Strategy", a foreign expansion, oil acquisition, and invasion-as-security philosophy? I'll have to suppose that the Obama administration hasn't read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich."

It is apparent that the Obama administration is using Blitzkrieg in order to "secure" its New World Order agenda in the Middle East.  Gaddaffi, who has supported African nationalism and free social services for Libyans, "had to go".

Blitzkrieg (German, "lightning war"; About this sound listen ) is an anglicized word[1][2][3][Notes 1] describing all-mechanized force concentration of tanks, infantry, artillery and air power, concentrating overwhelming force at high speed to break through enemy lines, and, once the latter is broken, proceeding without regard to its flank. Through constant motion, the blitzkrieg attempts to keep its enemy off-balance, making it difficult to respond effectively at any given point before the front has already moved on.

Lebensraum expansionism didn't work for Germany in 1939 to revive their economic malaise and satisfy their hunger for empire, and it's not going to work for America at the dawn of the 21st century.

Wikipedia documents that Lebensraum was one of the major political ideas of Adolf Hitler, and an important component of Nazi ideology. It served as the motivation for the expansionist policies of Nazi Germany, aiming to provide extra space for the growth of the German population, for a Greater Germany. In Hitler's book Mein Kampf, he detailed his belief that the German people needed Lebensraum ("living space", i.e. land and raw materials), and that it should be found in the East. It was the stated policy of the Nazis to kill, deport, or enslave the Polish, Russian and other Slavic populations, whom they considered inferior, and to repopulate the land with Germanic peoples. The entire urban population was to be exterminated by starvation, thus creating an agricultural surplus to feed Germany and allowing their replacement by a German upper class.

I can see why the US generals are clearing their throats a little loudly these days. I support them for the extraordinary measures involved in ranking former military officers stepping forward, and this includes the recent statements from Gen. Wesley Clark.

This is real courage in action. To not do so is becoming a clear "dereliction of duty."

Watch the above video for a FOX-TV interview on this subject area.

We need to hook these administration clowns off the world stage.

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