Fukushima: Massive anti-nuclear demonstration erupts

I received a last minute message from youtube user cideroipunx (thank you!) letting me know of a huge anti-nuclear demonstration being held in Fukuoka on Sunday Nov. 12th. I grabbed my camera and hopped on a train!

 I’ll make video to talk about it in details, but I just uploaded this as a brief news flash for now. There were over 10,000 people. Everyone assembled in a large park several hours before the demonstration and there were talks given on stage, a taiko drum performance, and various booths both selling things and with information. It was really huge and organized. Then everyone took to the streets and through Tenjin, a major center of the city of Fukuoka. It was all peaceful and organized and very impressive. It was probably one of the largest anti-nuclear demonstrations in Japan to date.

These Japanese people should be the model for the rest of the people in this nation. They have the bravery to stand up for what they believe and speak out, yet they retain the manners that they hold important while doing it. If this nation is to survive and prosper in the future, more people need to be willing to stand up like this and not accept the bullshit that the government and industries give and tell them.

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