IAEA holds no credibility on anti-Iran rhetoric

The International Atomic Energy Agency Board of Governors adopted a resolution against the Islamic Republic of Iran over the country’s nuclear program by a vote of 32 to 2, with one abstention, on Friday.

However, it is apparent that the IAEA lacks credibility.  The website jm-rico.at outlines examples of IAEA's well known track record of abuse of power, arbitrary rule; deliberate lies, and violations of human hights, and other related legal and ethical breaches. 

The IAEA has become an apparent tool of the NATO political-military-industrial complex, and the Big Business interests that seek to take total control over the UN.

The 35 members of the IAEA Board made the decision at a meeting held at the agency’s headquarters in Vienna to discuss IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano’s recent report on Iran, which created much controversy, even in the anti-Iran camp in the West.

The report is just a reiteration of heresay accusations made by Western countries and their allies, especially the United States and Israel, about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. 

The timing of Amano’s report and other developments, which occurred before and after it was issued, once again proved that the report was politically motivated. 

Many questions have been raised about the validity of the report and the documents used to draft it. For example, the Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed serious skepticism about the ‘evidence’ that was used to prepare the biased report.

The United Nations’ so-called nuclear watchdog was expected to produce legal documents proving Iran’s nuclear activities had been diverted to weapons production, if it had any. Unfortunately, it was based on the biased stances of U.S. and Israeli officials. Leaked documents indicated that Amano coordinated his activities with Western officials in the preparation of the report. He even spent a holiday in Israel. Israeli President Shimon Perez was also very satisfied with the recent report. All this indicates that it is completely politicized and lacks the needed legal foundation as a binding international document.

Friday’s meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors actually provided a good opportunity for the international body to correct its previous mistakes and promote better interactions between Iran and the agency. However, the anti-Iran resolution once again proved that the IAEA is being controlled by the Western powers. In fact, the Board of Governors’ resolution sullied the IAEA’s image even more. 

The Iranian nation is now in serious doubt about the legitimacy of a number of international organizations, most notably the IAEA. And this great distrust has increased and Iran feels betrayed because the country had extended its hand for cooperation with the IAEA, but everything came to nothing. Even European countries have repeatedly made a wrong conclusion about Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, which has cost them dearly in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has asked the IAEA to provide Iran credible documents, if it has any, to help clarify the issue. But up to now, no such documents or evidence have been sent to Iranian officials.

Amano’s recent report on Iran was only based on hypotheses, especially those formulated by Iran’s archenemies. This is clearly reflected in the statements made by Israeli nuclear experts, as they have said that every document provided by Israel was used in Amano’s recent report on Iran.

Friday’s resolution only reiterated the findings and sentiments of previous resolutions adopted by the IAEA Board of Governors. 

This is nothing new and the Iranian nation will never pay any attention to such unfounded allegations meant to undermine the country’s peaceful nuclear energy program. There is no turning back.


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