New York: Bed Bugs gets Housing Chairman booted

( -- Bed bugs bring in a lot of problems. One housing authority chairman in New York has experienced the worst of those problems as the pests got him ousted from his post. To prevent such severe effect, advised everybody to get rid of bed bugs promptly after their presence is confirmed.

According to a report from, Dennis Brunelle was deposed as the housing authority chairman of Saratoga Springs, New York because of the bed bug infestations in an apartment subsidized by the government. As it was said, the dismissal specifically sprung from the delayed response to the bed bug infestations in the 176-unit Stonequist Apartments. Reportedly, residents had to petition the city council before action was taken.

Apart from the bed bug infestation controversy, Brunelle was also criticized for the $152 000 salary being paid to one of the housing authority's executive director.

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It's a known fact that bed bugs are very troublesome pests. Their presence can leave you with furniture pieces that can never be used again and bite marks that are just simply nasty. In other words, they can leave you with a lot of expenses for furniture replacements and bite marks' treatments.

However, one housing agency chairman in Saratoga Springs, New York, got something much worse than heavily-damaged items and nasty bite marks from bed bugs. He got a dismissal because of the pests.

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Given that bed bugs are pests, they have to be eliminated. And according to, the treatment has to be promptly implemented to prevent the worse effects of bed bugs' presence.

And though there are many methods to get rid of the pests, the website suggested the application of bed bug spray to the area affected for a fast and easy treatment. More than being effective though, bed bug treatment must also be safe. And because of that, the website recommended the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray.

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