India's Kleptocracy loots masses of humanity

India is an unapologetic Kleptocracy. A 'kleptocracy' refers to "rule by thieves".  A kleptocracy is a capitalist-oriented society where the government exists to increase the personal wealth and political power of its officials and the ruling class.  In such a society, like India, politicians operate at the expense of the wider population as a basic "way of doing business" without pretence of honest service. This type of government corruption is often achieved by the embezzlement of state funds.

In India, constitutional democracy exists in "name only".  Dr. Abdul Ruff explores the nature of India's Kleptocracy, and how it operates at the expense of human sovereignty, social justice and ethics.

Corruption permitted and pampered by the regime leads to paralysis of the system and that is broadly happening in India. Perhaps since independence, India for the first time is witnessing an uncommunicative (with people) and irresponsible government which now firmly believes there is no need to worry about people so long as the multinationals and other frauds are with it.

While the regime refuses to intervene to solve the problems of common people - expecting them to find their own sources for that – it does everything directly to stay in power, looting nation’s resources along with the financial sponsors.  Political families are fearlessly stealing national resources - not just coal and sand- because they have the protection of regime crooks.

A badly discredited and extraordinarily corrupt central government run by a coalition led by Congress party promotes corruption at every level and shields all crimes by the state and its supporters.  Coalition ethics allows every partner to enjoy full freedom to loot the resources as much as they desire, uninterruptedly. The CBI takes up cases only those cases referred to it by the ruling dispensation, making it safe for every international fraud in and outside the regime.

The Trinamool Congress with 19-MPs has, almost finally, withdrawn support to the Congress led UPA government on 18th Sept, pushing Sonia-Manmohan triclomacy to uncertainty. Banerjee declared in Kolkata that she could not support the Centre’s “anti-people decisions” to allow FDI in multi-brand retail, raise the price of diesel, and cap the subsidy on cooking gas.

The Trinamool Party leader Mamata Banerjee has accused the Congress of playing the politics of “blackmail” by playing one party against another, saying, “When they have a problem with me, they go to BSP’s Mayawati. When they have a problem with Mayawati, they go to SP’s Mulayam. When they have a problem with RJD’s Lalu they go to socialist Nitish... I understand their game. I cannot allow this. Enough is enough.”  This manipulative pressure tactic has worked so well for the Congress party. But Mamata has shown she is different.

Mamata’s unexpected departure may mean that internal resistance, causing “embarrassment” for the ministry, has largely dissolved for the UPA. Clearly, there is a sigh of relief now in UPA jungle as Mamata is out and if she decides to support the regime “from outside”, like the so-called Marxists are doing, that could the most ideal situation for the joint looters in regime and outside. .

In this atmosphere of uncertainty only the rich and multinationals thrive. The power brokers and political bosses want exactly that!

After all, people are mere vote bank stuff offering mandate to the anti-people regime.   Nothing more!


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