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Malaysia: Worker found bomb at workplace, escaped unhurt

A Pakistani worker in Johor Baru, the border state of Malaysia near the border of Singapore has escaped unhurt as he dig up a bomb at work place.He was jovial and thought it was a buried treasure.

He then rushed with holding the "Treasure" to his boss who discovered it was in fact a live bomb beneath the soil at the front yard of the house in Kampung Pandan (Kampung is a Malay word called "Village") The local malay newspaper reported the incident.

Goh, Chinese Malaysian and a renovation contractor said,he could tell right away it was a bomb, as he had unearthed the similar object at a previous renovation site.

He was shocked to see his working running towards him with a weird and heavy piece of metal.

" He even was suggested that I sell it in scrap metal as it was heavy and can fetch a high price" He said.

"When I saw the object I knew right away it was a bomb and I told my workers to put the object down slowly, I was having a fear any moment it will blow us in to pieces" he said,adding that the hole they dug for fish pond was quite shallow.

On the other hand,the house owner, also a chinese Malayisa Chong Hoi Chun said, he bought the unit a few months ago to use the house as storage area of his business.

" I was speechless and shocked, when I got a call from contractor, telling me about the bomb" Chong Hoi Chun said.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Johar Baru, Zainuddin Yacoob has confirmed the object discovered was a live bomb.

The bomb have since been defused and destroyed the police department is "In the midst" of finding as why the bomb was buried there.

Zainudin Yacoob reminded the public to contact police immediately if they ever discovered similar objects.

Malaysian police is well equipped with modernized methods of crime and investigation.


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