Terrorism: Americans now being forced out at gunpoint

(NaturalNews) -- If you ever wanted to see what a police state looks like up close and personal, look no further than Boston in the aftermath of the marathon terrorist attack. New video footage released online following last week's lock-down and the house-to-house searches for a lone terror suspect that followed the lock-down of Boston and surrounding suburbs by militarized police, federal agents, National Guard troops and SWAT teams provides a chilling visual of martial law in action. (Watch the invasions here here and here). City officials, prompted by their federal masters, ordered the door-to-door, house-to-house searches of all homes within a 20-block region where a lone remaining terrorist was suspected to be. Serial abuses of the Fourth Amendment Meanwhile, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick did what no other governor has done in recent memory: He ordered nearly 1 million residents of Boston, Watertown and other communities to remain in their homes and off the street until further notice - an order that would have remained in effect, presumably, until the final Tsarnaev brother was found. One of the videos, shot by a resident from the window of his own home, documented the forced evacuation of several people from a house across the street. Per Infowars.com, the video ...shows police barking orders at men and women as they order them at gunpoint to identify themselves, put their hands on their heads, and get out of their own home. They are then ordered to run down the street to be further frisked by police as scores of armed militarized cops look on. Read more..


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