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Kashmir protests killing by Taliban

Photo [Left]: Muzaffarabad Kashmiris staging protest against the killing of senior military officers


Kashmiris staged protest rally against the killing of senior Pakistani military officers on pak-Afghan border.

Hundreds of people waving Pakistani flags gathered out side press club while chanting Anti-India and pro pakistan slogans. They were also displaying placards and banner inscribed with tributes to Major General Sanahullah Khan, col. Tuseef and soldier Imram.

The rally was organized by refugees organization “Pasban-e-Hurriyat jammu Kashmir” to protest the killing of senior officers of  pakistan army in blast planted by terrorist in Upper Dir.

Addressing the protestors, Uzair Ghazali, Mushtaq ur Rehman, media advisor to prime minister AJK shoukat javeed Mir and others said martyrdom of pakistan army general and other officers on such juncture when a national consensus was developed to talk with Taliban.

They believed that India and US were behind the killing pakistan army officers to derail the talks.

Condemning the incident , uzair Ghazali head of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu Kashmir said that India, America and Israel are trying to impede peace process in FATA through their agents .

“India, America and Israel have become active to detail the peace process for holding of peace in the tribal belt” Ghazali said.

He said India, Isreal and America are hatching conspiracies against pakistab and are responsible for unrest in FATA, Blochaistan and other areas of the country.

Paying tributes to military officers who embraced shahadat in Upper Dir, speakers said kashmiris are on the back of pakistan army and will fight shoulder to shoulder with enemy on the time of need.

They appreciated government steps taken towards peace process in FATA and hailed all parties stance on starting talks with Talibans.




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