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Pakistani Model Strangled to Death for the Sake of Honour

Famous Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch strangled to death by her brother for the sake of family honor. She was famous all over the country due to her frequent use of Social Media Sites. She was source of entertainment for all social media lovers. But it was defaming her to the utmost. Numbers of Muslim do believe across the country that she must stop spreading vulgarity among the young individuals. She was known to be Kim Kardashian of Pakistan.

Qandeel has supported her family throughout her life. But she must not have thought of all these circumstances, where she’ll be killed one day by her own brother. Whom she supported all her life, but died by his hands at last. Her parents are dejected over the tragic death of their daughter. Men find themselves superior than women in every extent of life. They treat women as their own property and want them to act upon their advices. Such mentality has taken lives of hundred innocent women in rural areas of Pakistan and other Asian Countries.

As per media reports, culprit has been arrested and accepted his crime of killing the sister for the sake of honor. He wasn’t embarrassed of his act and said that he had righteous decision of killing his sister. Government of Pakistan is absolutely negligent to take any effective measures for violence against women.  

People of the country are having difference of opinion about this matter. Some of the conservative minds are defending this act of brutality and encouraging people to kill such women. While on the other hand, great numbers of educated people are protesting that culprit should be hanged to death.

In her final message on Facebook, she wrote: "I am trying to change the typical orthodox mindset of people who don't want to come out of their shells of false beliefs and old practices."

Many people from showbiz industry condemned this barbaric act and urge government of Pakistan to pass any such law, where no men could attack any women for the sake of their so called honor. Many people protest by holding the play cards “No honor in killing”.



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