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Paganism Grows Faster in England

According to the recent report, half of the population of England now consists of Pagans.  Most of the people are following paganism than Christianity. Numbers of pagans have increased horribly in past decades. Christianity was once considered the main religion of England but now this place is gradually capturing by Paganism. It shows that churches have been failed in keeping people with their Christian beliefs. It is mere responsibility of the priests to guide people towards the right path.

Protestant Reformation in early 1500 is actually responsible for all this happening as they were completely against clergies and priests; so that would have given rise to Paganism in coming ages.  Hence, Protestantism is believed to be the root of cause Paganism. Now people are giving up Christianity to start following other religions and Paganism is one of them. 

Stephen Bullivant, senior lecturer in theology and ethics at St Mary's Catholic University in Twickenham said: "The main driver is people who were brought up with some religion now saying they have no religion. What we’re seeing is acceleration in the numbers of people not only not practicing their faith on a regular basis, but not even ticking the box.” He further added,“The reason for that is the big question in the sociology of religion.”

According to the recent survey that was conducted in England and Wales found that 48% people defined that they are practicing no religion. These numbers are quite big than surveys of previous years. Both Anglican and Catholic churches are trying hard to bring people back towards Christianity.

A spokesperson for the Church of England said: “The increase in those identifying as ‘no faith’ reflects a growing plurality in society rather than any increase in secularism or humanism. We do not have an increasingly secular society as much as a more agnostic one.”

Most of the cradle Catholics had also abandoned their belief and embraced Paganism. Four out of 10 adults, who were actually brought up as Anglicans revealed themselves as Pagans. This is a horrible situation and authorities must take any step to prevent people from being atheists.


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