Unresolved Kashmir Set to Trigger World War III

The historical factuality of State of Kashmir raises a simple question as to why should Kashmir pay heavily in men and material for the wrongs of India or Pakistan. The ingrained will of expansionism, religious fanaticism and egocentrism guided by nostalgia signals a doomsday scenario. The last Dogra ruler of the State of Kashmir, an amalgam of areas held by India and Pakistan, yearned for a status-quo of his dominion in the aftermath of Indian partition of August 1947. The placid traditions played a big role for Kashmiri political leadership to become victim of external intrigues paving the way for planned occupation and subjugation.

The latest Indian hyped up claim for launching a "surgical strike" inside Pakistan controlled Kashmir is termed by Pakistan as a pack of lies and fabrication. Pakistan, however, said that India in a usual manner fired across the Line of Control in Kashmir killing two soldiers. Pakistan in a retaliatory attack claimed 7 Indian army lives. In the meantime Indian Tehlka TV reports (October 01, 2016) that USA refused to accept Indian claim of any such strikes.

The ongoing uprising in occupied Kashmir entered 85th day of curfew leading to killings and starvation pushing the number of dead to 91 and thousands injured and blinded. T he world by and large shows a huge concern at Indian handling of Kashmir uprising using brute force. The political observers believe that India is under tremendous pressure to show restraint and work for a solution for the outstanding issue of Kashmir.

The hardliner fundamentalist ruling party of India made the situation worse by displaying brazen arrogance to browbeat, harass and intimidate local population. Indian political hierarchy misunderstood Kashmir´s will to fight back especially when India introduced measures promoting religious terrorism, killings and torture to break will of the people.

In the meeting held with Indian Prime Minister Mr Modi (The Hindu, August 31, 2016), United Nations General Assembly president-elect Peter Thomson mentioned about India´s frustration for blocked UN reforms. The main issue that causes frustration is Indian inability to seek the membership of the G4 Group. India believes that the membership will solve its several problems particularly Kashmir. Peter Thompson, however, added that "It’s just a question of what kind of reform, what shape the UNSC will take. My job will be to appoint a chair for intergovernmental negotiations, and select a citizen or citizens to take it forward. All 193 General Assembly members have to be on board."

Indian Express reports (August 31st, 2016) that US Secretary of State John Kerry and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker on a two day visit to India had commercial dialogue and more importantly discussed and encouraged a dialogue with Pakistan over the Kashmir Issue. The situation in Kashmir and the human right violations was also discussed with Indian authorities. The observers believe that the volatility of igniting a nuclear war has pressed the alarm bells and international community seems hugely concerned. The rhetoric of "no third party intervention" already dead and buried has already been made clear to India in unequivocal terms.

Norway News reports (August 19, 2016) that Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende termed Kashmir situation as Very Grave especially the Human Right Violation and stated that his country is available for mitigating tension between Pakistan and India. "We’re available as friend of Pakistan as well as India´s to play the role of a mediator." Brende added.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also offered his good offices to mediate and help negotiate a just settlement for Kashmir. In the recent past Secretary General appointed a new UN mission (United Nations Military Observers Group) under able leadership of Major General Per Lodin of Sweden to monitor long porous cease-fire line in Kashmir. The mission´s job is to help the staff already stationed in Kashmir to keep vigil for any cease-fire violations.

A video posted on YouTube by Times of India (August 29, 2016) showing a Pakistani aircraft allegedly violating airspace in Kashmir and similar allegations are termed as provocation and a pretext to start low intensity war to divert attention of international community from the ongoing uprising in Kashmir. A desperate attempt by India, world fears, could go out of hands to reach a point of no return. However, Pakistan expects a military mischief form India on Pakistan´s eastern border. Pakistan says it is ready for any eventuality.

The ongoing uprising in Kashmir seems to have greatly unnerved India as Indian claim of "integral part" claim is smashed to smithereens as the youth of Kashmir vow to rejoin schools and colleges only after the goal of independence from India is achieved. Killings, injuries and abhorred pellet injuries leaving hundreds of young people blind has added to their resolve.

The military tensions are building up and preparations, at least, on Indian side are in full swing. The villagers ten kilometre radius on Indian border side are asked to vacate the areas which locally effected think is an unnecessary step to dislodge them from their homes. India to save it from embarrassment is trying to indulge in military and political jingoism having disastrous consequences, especially when both India and Pakistan are loaded with nuclear arsenal to ignite World War III.


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