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African Elephants Suffering Decline in Population

African Elephants are best known for their beautiful long trunks all around the world. But their lives are in danger now. Loss of habitat, poaching and urbanizations are the major threats that all the animals are going through. According to recent media reports, many terrorist groups and politicians are poaching African elephants to earn money and fund themselves. 

We have recently come to know that 144,000 elephants were killed for their ivory in African plains. Ivory of elephants is used to make piano keys, jewelry, combs and religious ornaments. Now only 3, 50,000 elephants are strolling across African plains. Latterly, Global wildlife summit held talk about the safe environment for endangered animals but they didn’t make any such decision about elephants as they should do, whereas elephants are facing horrible decline in population. Consequently higher authorities must make efforts to save these precious species.

"These new numbers reveal the truly alarming plight of the majestic elephant -- one of the world's most intelligent animals and the largest terrestrial mammal alive today," says IUCN Director General Inger Andersen.

According to an estimate by International wildlife charity organization (Born Free) that more than 24000 elephants have been died in 2015 from poaching. All wildlife organizations are pleading and requesting African authorities to take necessary steps for the protection of these precious elephants. It has proven to be the most dangerous era for African elephants, where they got killed in huge numbers.

Recently held Global wildlife summit has attended by many African countries, where Namibia said its elephant population had doubled to 20,000 in the last 15 years. Charles Jonga, from the Campfire Programme, a rural development group in Zimbabwe, told the Cites summit: “People in my community say; these elephants eat our crops, they damage our houses, what benefit do we get? If they get benefits, they will protect and not poach.” This theory would never bring fruitful results. None of the parties came to one decision at CITES even for the sake of poor animals. Poaching of Ivory should be taken as horrendous crime and must establish strict laws that could stop the poachers from committing this unpleasant act.



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