Parents can find toys made in Canada

(NC) —When it comes to sourcing safe, well-made toys for your kids, there has been a movement to buy products made locally. And yet, did you know that less than 1% of toys sold in Canada are actually made here? There is indeed a limited selection, but do keep trying. One exception, for example, is StickerYou, a new company based in Toronto that is exciting kids with its innovative new line of Make + Print craft toys.

Each package of Make+Print Your Own Stickers offers glossy, blank sticker pages in a choice of shapes and sizes. Kids then go online to to start creating. Using the award winning online Sticker Maker, they instantly access thousands of proprietary and licensed art images, and can even upload their own photos and images. And the ultimate reward is once they hit 'print', they have the finished product in their hands in just moments.

“Today's digitally savvy kids are transforming the toy industry with a passion for online creative play, and they demand products that allow them to personalize their world," says Andrew Witkin, President of StickerYou. "Before this product hit the market, there were no options for kids to make and print their own stickers. Now they can be very creative using our online Sticker Maker, while getting instant custom sticker gratification."

The Canadian-manufactured Make+Print line gives kids and their parents a safe, well made product that allows them to create something that is both fun and functional. They can personalize anything, whether it be their own name stickers for their gear, stickers to showcase their team logo, images to personalize their birthday party or iron-ons for their t-shirts. The options are endless.

So say goodbye to plastic, toxic toys and say hello to one that supports Canadian craftmanship and is surely bound to please.

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