Anti-Aging: Three tips for staying in shape this winter

(NC) --  As the days get shorter and the weather much cooler, many of us are retreating indoors for the comfort of the couch—and that relaxation often leads to forgoing physical activity in favour of piping hot chocolate and the TV remote.

On the other hand, cooler temperatures bring lots of new opportunities to get active, fall in love with a new workout routine, or rekindle the childhood flame for outdoor fun. To help keep you off the couch, the Canadian Health Food Association has these three tips for staying active and beating the winter blues:

1. Turn your living room into your own personal gym – Let's face it, getting to the gym is tough on the best days, never mind when it's -10 and snowing. Instead of braving the cold, stay in the comfort of your own home and put on an exercise DVD, sign-up for an online yoga site that will bring the experience of being in class to you or download an exercise app that will keep you moving and motivated.

2. Make every step count – Using a pedometer is a great way to track how much you are actually moving, where you can set goals and aim to take a few more steps each week. Instead of riding the elevator take the stairs, do a couple laps around the mall or get up from your desk and walk down to your colleague's office instead of sending an email or picking up the phone.

3. Take it outside – There are lots of ways you can stay active and have fun outdoors, build a snowman, go for a night skate, hit the hill with your toboggan or make a date with a friend to try a new activity like dog sledding or snowshoeing.

No matter what way you decide to spend your winter, make sure you add some activity and don't hide in hibernation. Additional tips can be found online at


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